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Digital Product Development

  • We create websites and online stores for your business
  • We help businesses to take a leading position
  • We reveal the potential of the business by improving customer service

The first place in the Saratov region in terms of indoor advertising coverage.

Owners of more than 15,000 advertising structures in Saratov, Engels and Volsk.

Corporate website
Analytics + Design + Development + Media + Promotion + Yandex.Direct

The VERITAS inspection management platform is unique to industry to address the essential pillars of speed, quality and consistency, leveraging state of the art, digital solutions, inspector interfacing, semi-automated interface and work flow management, with workflow supervision and inspection report/deliverable review and evaluation prior to release to client.

Corporate website
Design + Layout + Development + Blog

Design, production and installation of conveyor equipment of any complexity. All industries.

Corporate website
Design + Development + Promotion + Yandex.Direct

The company is an expert in the market of engineering services for the oil and gas, machine-building and metallurgical industries, as well as in the construction of industrial and civil facilities.

SEG LLC Engineers Training and Testing System
Analytics + Development

Professional equipment and creative approach!

Even if you don't have a sweet tooth, then you probably have at least one among your close people whom you will want to please with their desserts.

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Analytics + Design + Development + Media

Industrial and household climate control equipment.

Official distributor of manufacturers: Ferroli S.p.A., HIdROS S.r.l., EMICON AC S.p.A., BINI CLIMA S.r.l., Fiorini Industries, F.B.R. Bruciatori S.r.l. in Russia and the CU countries.

Corporate website and online catalog
Analytics + Design + Development + Research + Promotion + Yandex.Direct

Acceptance of ferrous scrap. Cutting, dismantling, removal and disposal of scrap metal.

The leader of this sector in the Volga region.

The main partner of the organizations: LLC «Translom», PJSC «Saratov Refinery», JSC «Saratovstroysteklo», LLC «Gazprom UGS».

Corporate website
Analytics + Design + Development + Media + Promotion + Yandex.Direct

The largest company in the field of funeral services of the city of Saratov.

The only funeral company in the Saratov region, where you can also purchase goods and services online.

Corporate website and online store
Analytics + Design + Development + Media + Promotion + Yandex.Direct
Now everyone is looking on the Internet.
We help businesses find their customers.
Successful collaboration for many years.
Andrey Morozov - Head of MBIT Studio
Andrey Morozov
Head of the Agency
Daria Popova - Evolution Department
Daria Popova
Evolution Department
Natalia Zakharova - Project Manager
Natalia Zakharova
Project Manager
Alexander Lopatin - Promotion Department
Alexander Lopatin
Promotion Department

We analyze your business, understand its goals and take on whole areas of tasks.

We have been working in the digital solutions market since 2016.

Website Development

It is important to understand that a website is not just a beautiful design and content — it is a tool that we develop and customize taking into account the expectations and preferences of your customers.

It depends on the site how effectively you will attract new customers and interact with them. It should be convenient and as clear as possible.

It is necessary to place all information about goods and services on the website. Maximum photo and video materials, detailed descriptions, prices and reviews. «Personal Account», «Favorites», «Comparison», «Notification» and other functionality — all this will simplify the user's life, leave positive emotions about himself and motivate him to use the site as a service.

What sites are we developing

  • Landing Page. A creative landing page for the presentation of services and products, promotions and advertising campaigns. Creating a landing page is an effective way to tell about your business!
  • Business card website. A 5-10-page website containing information about the company, news, prices, services and goods. Creating a business card website will allow your customers to instantly get most of the basic answers and thereby increase the likelihood of contacting you.
  • Corporate website. A multi-page tool for solving business problems of the company. It is often considered as an image component, especially if the site «lives». Creating a corporate website is an important marketing task.
  • Online store. Catalog, online sales register, convenient functionality and everything else that is necessary to launch sales on the Internet. Creating an online store, if you are engaged in sales, is almost a prerequisite for the success of your business in the 21st century.

Why did our customers choose us

  • We work under a contract. All obligations, agreements, layouts, TOR and other things that are important to both you and us will be taken into account and spelled out in the contract for the creation of the site.
  • We observe the deadlines. No, really, if there are no delays on your part, then there are no problems. A couple of times we were late for 1-2 weeks, but this is an exception.
  • Individual design. If you need it, of course. We can take 3-4 sites with similar themes as a basis and create your site that will be unique at the same time, but also not unfamiliar to your audience.
  • We dive into the project. It's true! Understanding what you sell and what services you provide, who your client is and what he wants, what he lacks, how to make his life easier — you can't make a good product without all this.
  • And, perhaps, the main reason! MBIT is a web studio created by people who appreciate logic and responsibility, love creativity and are not afraid of complex tasks.

The cost of website development

The price of creating a website depends on the tasks that you set for us.

As a rule, the following points are price-forming: the number of pages (content), the complexity of the design and the functionality that is required for the full operation of the site.

We could write «approximate prices», but then we would have to choose from two options. The first is to inflate prices by 1.5-2 times to take into account unpredictable moments. The second is to explain the reason for the price increase (after discussing the project).

In the first case, you will lose money, in the second — a good mood and trust, so let's just call, discuss your tasks and calculate the cost.

What is included in the price and stages of website creation

  • Preparation. The most important stage of creating a website! We get to know you, delve into the process and understand your tasks, give our assessment if we think that something else can be improved or added. We draw up the terms of reference, sign the contract.
  • Advance payment. As a prepayment, as a rule, we take 50% of the total amount of the contract.
  • Website design. Various options are possible: a unique design, compilation of similar projects, licensed templates with modification for the tasks of the project.
  • Layout. Everything is in the best traditions of adaptability, cross-browser, mobile first and other beauty.
  • Development. For informational sites we use WordPress, the best in the world has not yet been invented for this type of task. And if there are other tasks, then Node.js, React and further down the list will come to the rescue.
  • Content. We fill the site with information pages, products, photos and video materials.
  • Initial SEO setup. These are, of course, only the first steps, but they are important and at least will not make your pages look ridiculous in the Yandex and Google search results. You know, when you read chaotic text from a page under the title, which does not help you understand what the page is about and whether it is worth going there.
  • Installation of counters for statistics of visits and sales. If you slightly alter one statement, you will get just about this: «Who owns the information, he owns the understanding — whether the work is moving in the right direction».
  • Payment. The second part of the amount for the creation of the site under the contract.
  • Hosting a website and creating corporate mail.

Website Promotion

Website promotion is a set of measures to increase website traffic and increase its position in search engines.

Depending on the purpose of your business, we will develop a promotion plan, including work with the search engines Yandex and Google.

Our company has been promoting websites in search engines for more than 6 years. During this time, we have learned how to bring sites to the TOP of various topics, attract maximum commercial traffic, including in the most complex and competitive areas.

We work with any attendance and budgets.

A short list of our promotion services

  • SEO services. You need to find something, buy, etc. — you make a request in a search engine, see sites, open them, decide who to contact — profit! It depends on whether the user sees your site or not (plus what exactly he sees), whether he will become your client.
  • Yandex.Direct. We create new, customize and optimize existing advertising campaigns. We analyze the work of the campaign, remove «garbage» requests, prioritize, conduct periodic A/B testing.
  • Google Adwords. Work with Google Ads in General are very similar on Yandex.Direct, with the exception of a number of features. At the moment we are creating and serving Google Ads advertising campaigns operating outside the Russian Federation.
  • Yandex.Business. A relatively new service from Yandex, which helps our customers attract even more customers.
  • SMM. How many times have you logged into FB, Telegram, Insta, VK today? The average user spends up to two and a half hours on social networks. Decide for yourself whether you need such a platform to attract customers.


  • What do you do as part of SEO site optimization?

    This is a series of measures for the technical audit of the site, its configuration for the creation of new pages, the placement of SEO articles and the formation of a cluster of key queries.

    We will be happy to inform you of a detailed list of the work carried out at a personal meeting.

  • How long does SEO promotion take, when will the first results appear?

    If we consider the Yandex search engine and topics with average competition, then the approximate time when the first positions appear is 4 months.

    Noticeable growth begins after 8-12 months. However, if the region or subject is not so competitive, then the results will be earlier.

  • In the course of the work, will something be required from me as a customer?

    In the current realities, it is difficult to promote a project well without close cooperation with the customer. In the process of cooperation, we often request additional materials, for example, price lists, photos of completed works, etc.

    The provision of these materials, in some cases, is extremely necessary to achieve a positive result of promotion.

  • Which is more profitable: SEO or contextual advertising (Direct / Ads)?

    In contextual advertising, payment is made for each click on your ad, and you can launch the ad immediately.

    In SEO, the payment is monthly, and the first noticeable results begin to appear in 4-8 months, depending on the competition by topic and region.

    Usually, after a year of SEO work, this channel becomes more profitable than a contextual advertising campaign.

    In some cases, the cost of an application with SEO becomes ten times cheaper than the context.

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MBIT is a web studio created by people who appreciate logic and responsibility, love creativity and are not afraid of complex tasks.

We create digital products, are happy for their development and are proud of the results. We value everyone's experience and knowledge. New knowledge, people and projects are always welcome here.